Our Leaderboards

The SweatBoard

Personal trainers don’t receive enough credit for their hard work. It is time for change. Our SweatBoard uses a unique algorithm to rank our PTs – rewarding those that have gone the extra mile for their clients. How does this work? We have created a clever algorithm that combines client interaction, number of sessions completed and average rating, allowing us to give out cash rewards of £3000 ($3000 AUS) for those who excel. 1st £1500 ($1500 AUS), 2nd £1000 ($1000 AUS) and 3rd £500 ($500 AUS). This Leaderboard resets every 3 months.

The NoviceBoard

New to SweatSearch? We want to give you a chance to grow fast. For your first entire month with us, you will be eligible for the NoviceBoard as well as the SweatBoard. Working on a monthly basis, we can reward personal trainers for making the most of our system in the first month. At the end of this period, we are rewarding successful trainers with increased exposure as well as system credit rewards of £300 ($300 AUS). 1st £150 ($150 AUS), 2nd £100 ($100 AUS) and 3rd £50 ($50 AUS).

The Rating System

At the end of each session, clients have the opportunity to praise or criticise the work of their personal trainer. A composite rating out of 5 stars is given at the end of each session whereby the client can determine the quality of their personal trainer in terms of exercise variation, enjoyment, politeness, motivation and hygiene.