Making Personal Fitness Accessible

At SweatSearch, we believe that everyone has it in them. Everyone has the fight and the will to self-improve, and we see it as our role to provide you with the pathway. Whether you seek the support network, motivation, knowledge or confidence, we can open your eyes to see what we believe lives in everyone, including you.

This is why we embody a no-judgement and no-tolerance (for anything but an equal outlook) training policy, that allows all levels of experience to feel comfortable enough to embark on their personal fitness journey. We place emphasis on ‘personal’ as each journey differs significantly and should not go ill-considered. Hindering someone’s journey is highly destructive, thus, we believe that it should be built around you; we place value on delivering your desires, not dictate them.

Diversity and inclusivity should be celebrated, so why should we ignore it? In this world, we must cater to everyone and we see our digital platform as a highly accessible community for all. So to that we say, whoever you are, stop wishing for that ‘one day’ where you will start your journey towards physical and mental self-improvement, make today be day one.

Young Athlete Development Programme

The future of sport lies with our youth. As a company focused in the sporting industry, we sponsor young athletes in a vast range of sports by matching them up with a personal trainer on our platform and covering the cost of their specialist training.

We believe that by investing in young, talented athletes we can help develop the ever-changing competitive sporting scene into a more inclusive and accessible version of what it is today. Rather than only funding mainstream sports, we are looking to give more niche areas of sport a chance to flourish by sponsoring athletes in a diverse range of disciplines. If you would like to be a part of this programme, please get in touch.